Maintenance instructions for your preserved flowers:

Generally, the life span of preserved flowers is between 3-5 years if they are stored in optimal storing conditions.

You may notice little cracks on the preserved roses and flowers; this is normal as flowers are preserved from fresh ones and each of them is unique.
If your product comes in a paper based container, please display your flowers with the lid open to prevent color staining on the lid. You can keep the lid closed if your product is enclosed in a metal cage, velvet box or other non-paper based enclosures.

If you choose to have your products shipped within Canada or outside Canada, in case of the flowers fall out of place, carefully set them back to their original holes on the flower foam.

Following these tips to maintain your preserved flowers and foliage will ensure they maintain their best shape for a extend period of time.

All of all product lines are designed to be stored and displayed indoors only.

  • Do not attempt to water the preserved flowers inside the box
  • Do not remove the preserved flowers from the box, they are very delicate and should not be taken out for any other purposes
  • Keep preserved flower box away from babies and children to prevent accidental swallowing
  • Display the preserved flower box away from direct sunlight or air ventilation systems. Avoid excess heat/moisture as colors will fade faster under these conditions.
  • Keep the flowers away from clothes or fabrics to prevent staining
  • Gently clean the flowers with a blow dryer if the petals get dusty. Make sure the blow dryer is turned on to low speed setting and is at least 25 cm away from flowers to prevent cracking on the pedals.
  • The color of the roses and foliages will slowly fade overtime and eventually become transparent in color depending on storing conditions.
  • In case lighter colored flowers (often Hydrangea) get stains from darker colored roses, use a small scissor to trim away the stained petals.

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