About Fadelessly - Your Online Preserved Flower Boutique at Vancouver, BC

Preserved Flower Customization 

We are proud to be the first Vancouver based online exclusive florist boutique dedicated to preserved flowers. Working with our professional and friendly florists and artists, we provide our customers with endless possibilities of customization with our large selection of preserved flowers and specialty craft materials.

Unlike many other florist shops, at Fadelessly, we dedicate our entire resources on preserved flowers to create the perfect match for each of our customers' unique flower preservation need.

Visit the customization page for a sample of our large selections of preserved flowers and craft materials  - Fadelessly Preserved Flower Customization

Company Specialty

Fadelessly specializes in preserved flower gifts custom designed in Vancouver, BC.

Our products are designed with great artistic value in mind to ensure they are unique indoor decorations. At the same time, our products are great flower gifts for every special occasions and holidays. All of the products we create are designed to stand out and have lasting values. This can only be achieved by using quality preserved flowers combined with our unique design and the highest quality assurance at Fadelessly.

Our customers are mainly located in North America who shares the same ideology as us - to seek quality and upscale floral gifts that are different from generic floral gifts or fresh flowers.

Company Values

At Fadelessly, we believe quality products and superior customer service are the only successful combination in building good customer relationships and our brand image. This is why we strive to grow with our customers as we build the most valued and recognizable preserved flower products brand, right here in Vancouver, BC.

At Fadelessly, we are a service-oriented company and our customers always come first. Our dedicated team works eagerly to fulfill very customer’s special need no matter if it's a special delivery request or a customized order fulfillment.

When designing our products, we select our preserved flowers from the highest quality and most responsible flower suppliers that meet our rigorous standards. All of the materials used in our products are thoroughly inspected by our designing team before they go into production.

With Fadelessly, you can be rest assured that you own the best specialty preserved flower products custom designed right here in Vancouver, Canada.

Why Fadelessly - The Preserved flower Edge:

With proper care, our rose themed, preserved flower gifts will maintain their blossom for years compared to fresh flowers, which can only last a few days.

Compared to artificial flowers, our preserved fresh flowers look and feel just like fresh flowers and is an upscale alternative for fresh and artificial flower gifts.

Our flower arrangements are thoughtfully designed by our professional florists using the best preserved flowers and craft materials. They make attractive décors in any settings for everyone to enjoy for a long time.

Fadelessly preserved flowers are cost effective substitutes for fresh flowers gifts and can provide more artistic depth and variations compared with fresh flower arrangements.

Fadelessly preserved flower gifts make unique and memorable floral gifts for the special ones you love and care.

Fadelessly preserved flower gifts are environmental friendly and are made from natural and organic materials.

Fadelessly preserved flowers are less likely to cause allergies as they went through a preservation process.

Our Company Story

We love the natural beauty of fresh flowers that no other artificial flowers could rival. We gift them to represent our best wishes for our loved ones and use them as gifts for all of the special occasions we have, including holidays and personal days of celebration.

Fresh flowers make the perfect gestures of greetings and remembrance. However, all of us know for a fact that fresh flowers wither within a few days no matter how hard we try to keep them longer in our homes.

We want their blooms to last longer! With the many important symbolism we associate with flowers, we wanted to create products that allow people to fully appreciate and enjoy their natural beauty for a long time to come without sacrificing their natural looks.

Flower preservation technology has been an ancient art of craft that originated from Europe. Preserved flowers are fresh flowers that have undergone a special preservation process using various methods to retain their natural blossom for a very long period of time. Unlike artificial flowers made from other materials that tries to imitate the look of fresh flowers, preserved flowers maintain their natural form after the preservation process, allowing us to enjoy a 100% natural look.  Using organic dyes, preserved flowers can be colored to a stunning range of variations that is very hard to produce from growing fresh flowers. The result is a real fresh flower that will last you for years.

Working with floral professionals, we design products that are redefining the values of floral decorations and gifts. We believe this is the new trend for upscale floral products. We are a flower loving company based in Vancouver, BC, CANADA serving customers from all over the world. Each of our flower products is designed and put together locally in Vancouver by our designers using specially preserved fresh flowers and the best decorative/craft materials.

Let us introduce to you our premier line of floral gifts -"Fadelessly". We believe it is marked to re-define people's perception of floral gifts. These stunning rose themed, boxed flower gifts will definitely stand out in any setting. It simply makes the perfect gift to give to your loved ones, or just keep it for yourself as an unique decoration at your place. All of our flower arrangements are made from preserved fresh flowers picked from the flower fields before going through a delicate preservation process to elongate their freshness, softness while maintaining natural beauty.

If you love flowers like we do and are looking for a unique and upscale floral product, then look no further; join us.