Fadelessly - Our Company Story

Our Company Story

We love the natural beauty of fresh flowers that no other artificial flowers could rival. We constantly gift them to send our best wishes to our loved ones and use them as gifts for all the special occasions we have, such as holidays and personal days of celebration. They make the perfect gestures of greetings and remembrance. However, almost all of us regret the fact that fresh flowers wither rapidly and die no matter how we keep them in our homes and want their beauty to last longer. With the many important symbolizes we associate with flowers, we wanted to create products that allow people to fully appreciate their natural beauty for a long time to come without sacrificing their natural looks.

Flower preservation technology has been an ancient art of craft that originated from Europe. Preserved flowers are fresh flowers that have undergone a special preservation process using various methods to retain their natural blossom for a very long period of time. Unlike artificial flowers made from other materials that tries to imitate the look of fresh flowers, preserved flowers maintain their natural form after the preservation process allowing us to enjoy a 100% natural look. Moreover, using organic dyes, they can be colored to a stunning range of variations that is very hard to reproduce from growing fresh flowers. The result is a real fresh flower look that will last you for years.

Working with floral professionals, we design products that are redefining the values of floral decorations and gifts. We believe this is the new trend for upscale floral products. We are a flower loving company based in Vancouver, BC, CANADA serving customers from all over the world. Each of our flower products is designed and put together locally in Vancouver by our designers using specially preserved fresh flowers and the best finishing materials.

Let us introduce to you our first line of floral gifts -"Fadelessly". We believe is marked to re-define people's perception of floral gifts. These stunning rose themed, velvet boxed flowers will definitely stand out in any setting as that special decoration; or it simply makes the perfect gift to give to your loved ones. The flower arrangements are made from preserved fresh flowers picked from the flower fields before going through a delicate preservation process to elongate their freshness, softness while maintaining natural beauty.

If you love flowers like we do and are looking for a unique and upscale floral product, then look no further; join us.